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What Does CBD Feel Like? A Simple Guide

what does cbd feel like?

 What It’s Like to Use CBD

As CBD has become legal, it’s grown in popularity as an analgesic and anxiety reliever. No doubt, you’ve seen CBD oils and candies sold everywhere, from health stores to gas stations. If you’ve ever wondered what CBD feels like, you’re in the right place.

What is CBD?

First, let’s discuss what CBD is and isn’t. CBD is cannabidiol, the second most active ingredient in Marijuana. While they are related, there are differences in both.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to distinguish these two substances from Delta-8, which most recently hit the market.

Delta-8 THC and CBD products such as tinctures, are very similar and are sold inches apart in brick and mortar shops. Both products sold in stores are close relatives of the cannabis plant, while one is from a hemp plant and the other from a cannabis plant.


Here’s what makes CBD what is:

  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Used to treat pain, arthritis, and a slew of mental conditions
  • It has thousands of years of use
  • Isn’t FDA approved

Here is how Marijuana is different:

  • Contains trace amounts of CBD
  • Is an intoxicant
  • Illegal in the majority of states (18 states and D.C. legalized)
  • It comes in medical and recreational variations
  • Medical use continues to boom (legal to varying degrees in 37 states)


Then there is the enigma of Delta 8, also known as D8 and Delta-8 THC. This is not like CBD, which is from a hemp plant, dissimilar to Mary Jane, a cannabis plant. Delta-8 is the product you’d get by combining CBD and weed. Delta-8 is:

  • Psychoactive, but not as disorienting as Marijuana
  • May improve creativity and concentration
  • Shows potential as a potent analgesic
  • Has all the healing benefits of CBD


How Does CBD Feel?

CBD feeling depends on the method of CBD consumption, as well as the type of CBD. There are two main types: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD has a trace amount of THC in it, while broad-spectrum has none.

The THC in full-spectrum maintains the “entourage effect,” where all the chemicals contained in hemp produce more desirable results when working together. However, broad-spectrum CBD, without any THC, is best used by those who fear any amount of complications from THC in their system.

When people ask, “What is CBD like?” they often want to know if CBD will intoxicate you or get you high. The answer to that question is “no.” You will not get high consuming CBD products. Given the low THC content found in CBD products, there is no chance of an intoxicating effect. For this reason, CBD is the superior choice when deciding between the three. While all have shown the ability to help individuals control physical discomfort and mental ailments, CBD is the safest. Taking it won’t impair motor skills as the others do.

So, Why Use It?

There are many claims made about the effectiveness of CBD. However, the overall effect depends on the user. Each body is different and can react to CBD differently. When people describe what CBD feels like, they often talk about an overall feeling of wellness and calm.

CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system. This system regulates your sleeping, appetite, and your neuroplasticity. Some researchers believe that the overall calm feeling some users experience is from CBD helping this system function.

Not to mention that endocannabinoids are naturally occurring chemicals in our bodies. Our bodies are especially suited for binding and breaking down consumed cannabinoids.


Using CBD

CBD products vary in delivery methods, but many CBD believers prefer tinctures. Take these orally, only a few drops under the tongue for each dosing. When taken this way, the feeling you experience is the same as any other method of oral ingestion: calmness.

If you want to take CBD for inflammation and pain but are skeptical of putting it in your body, topical CBD oil may be the best method for you. Treat it as you would any other topical product, gently rub it into the skin. While effective, this method isn’t as expedient as other ways.


How Taking CBD Feels

As previously mentioned, the most common feelings are calmness and wellness. Along with this, many people tend to experience it differently. However, there is a more relevant question at play and one that’s seldomly asked. What don’t you feel when you take cannabidiol? CBD doesn’t feel like:

  • That nagging pain in your joints
  • The crippling feeling of anxiety for your school presentation
  • Conflicting thoughts focusing on what-ifs
  • A face broken put with acne
  • High blood pressure


Perhaps the most significant lack of feeling is the lack of addictive characteristics. While more research needs conducting, preliminary findings show that CBD may reduce nicotine and hard drug dependency and cravings. While not conclusive, this could end up being the big perk to CBD yet.

A single dose of an 800mg CBD product shows promise in reducing the salience and enjoyability of smoking, vaping, and taking illicit drugs. This may open the door for doctors to use it to break addictions.

The major downfall would be that CBD didn’t prove it could temper cravings or withdrawals. While some claim it helped, the waters are murky on this one. What is known is that CBD isn’t addictive, and no matter how much you take, overdosing isn’t possible.



While many claims support CBD can cure any ailment, however, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) won’t allow for such claims. Despite being used as far back as the Ancient Chinese in 15,000 B.C., CBD has seen relatively slow growth due to its likeness with cannabis. If not for the accidental associations, CBD may be more advanced further.


Wonder What CBD Feels Like No Longer

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