All you need to know about Topical CBD

CBD Topicals

You’ve most likely heard of CBD — as the focus of many exciting scientific studies, this cannabis compound is seemingly everywhere. If you are wondering how to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle, an easy way to do it is through topical products. If you find yourself wondering why and how you should give one of our creams, oils, or lotions a go, browse our frequently asked questions, there just may be the answer you are looking for. Happy Hemp has been nationally recognized by Forbes, as well as included in LA Weekly’s “best of” lists and we offer a range of CBD topicals for you to consider. 

Why use a topical CBD? 

People choose CBD topicals for many reasons. Some prefer the ease of use — just rub a dollop on the skin and you’re good to go. Others use it as a massage oil to enhance the effects of rubbing the muscles and still others use it to enhance muscle recovery or in an effort to limit post-workout pain. There is also pre-clinical evidence for the efficacy of CBD in reducing the amount of oil on the skin that contributes to acne. 

How does topical CBD work?

Scientific studies focused on cannabis and its associated compounds, including CBD, have been heavily restricted for the better part of the last century so there isn’t a huge body of evidence around the use of CBD topicals

Here’s what we do know, although the exact way in which is functions is not yet fully understood — the body has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which manufactures and breaks down excess cannabinoids (this is thought to be the reason fatal overdoses are unheard of with cannabis.). This system also contains receptors for the endocannabinoids located throughout the major tissues of the body, including the skin. It’s possible that the topical application of cannabinoids like CBD triggers these receptors and that trigger is responsible for any observable benefit. 

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Can a CBD topical help with arthritis pain?

Although research on the relationship between CBD topicals and arthritis are just beginning, the pre-clinical studies that have been done are interesting to say the least. According to this study, researchers found that transdermal (through the skin) application of CBD reduced the size of arthritic joints in rats. The same study indicated that the pain scale of the animals was reduced after a week of application and the authors of the study concluded: “use of topical CBD has potential as effective treatment of arthritic symptomatology”. Of course, a study done in animals is not the same as one done in humans but with CBD finally entering the national awareness, there are sure to be some exciting developments in the coming years. 

Can topical CBD help with acne?

While this study is also pre-clinical it seems promising. Researchers found that CBD “normalizes ‘pro-acne agent’ lipid synthesis. What this means in lay terms is that CBD normalized the amount of oil produced by sebaceous glands, which may be beneficial because the oil may create a favorable environment for the acne bacteria to thrive. In the same study, it was also noted that CBD showed an anti-inflammatory effect in the sebaceous glands with researchers stating CBD showed “substantial anti-inflammatory effects, which would be very much desired in the clinical treatment of acne”.

Does applying CBD topicals help skin conditions like eczema?

A groundbreaking study was published in January 2020. In it, the authors wrote that their study ‘sets the basis for the use of topical CBD for the treatment of different skin diseases including atopic dermatitis and keratin disorders.’ Again, since this field of research is relatively new, there have yet to be peer-reviewed studies done with human participants so the results can be viewed with cautious optimism at best. 

Keep in mind that the same study found that there was potential for CBD topical application to actually increase psoriasis plaques, despite anecdotal evidence to the contrary so if you have this condition, consider using CBD with caution.Why Happy Hemp CBD topicals?

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We understand that you have a wide selection when it comes to choosing a CBD company, that’s why we set ourselves apart with our products. Our Premier Hemp Oil Pain Freeze cream was designed with athletes in mind. Glycerine based for a silky, not greasy feel and applied with a ball applicator for both glide and a targeted massage, it aims for maximum relief from sore muscles and joints. Our proprietary blend also contains menthol for an instant cooling effect while the extra strength CBD oil is absorbed. 

We also have a CBD infused coconut oil, perfect for massages or for use as a skin hydrator — it’s even edible! Try it as a hair mask for its smoothing and hydrating effects as well.

Our Premiere Hemp CBD infused Lip Balm is a fan favorite.

We use an independent lab to test our products to ensure that the amount of CBD on the label is inside the bottle and we post the results to our website, feel free to check them out — we stand firmly behind the products we sell. 

I’ve never used a CBD topical, what should I expect?

Depending on the product, you can expect almost instant cooling relief thanks to menthol while the CBD sits on your skin or, if you use a topical oil, you can expect some skin hydration while the CBD is absorbed. CBD is widely considered non-irritating and safe so if you have a dermatological reaction, it’s most likely to one of the other ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, definitely reconsider the application of CBD coconut oil on the face, coconut oil is hydrating but can be slightly comedogenic (pore-clogging), canceling out any possible benefit of the CBD.  

Are CBD topicals legal to buy in the United States?

We use only high quality hemp, grown legally in the United States for our products. The certifications we receive from our lab tests also show less than 0.3 percent THC in each batch, in alignment with federal laws for hemp products. Unfortunately, we cannot currently ship outside of the US.