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It seems like CBD is in EVERYTHING, so how do you know the best method to take it? The best way is to first figure out why you need it. Depending on its form, CBD can interact with your body differently. For example, ingesting CBD could help you keep CBD in your system longer but vaping CBD may kickstart the effects quicker. Dosing also changes how CBD works in your body.

But don’t worry, we’ve got the down low on all things CBD consumption?

Let’s talk about the best ways to take CBD for your needs:


Vaping CBD is using a vape pen, which vaporizes the CBD vape oil. Because this makes CBD into a form you can easily inhale it, it gets in your bloodstream quicker. If you need CBD fast–vaping is your best bet. There are, however, cases of long-term vaping that have led to lung conditions. The other side of vaping CBD is that, while you feel the effects faster, they tend to not last as long in your body.

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MCT Tincture Oil

Tincture oil is literally the CBD oil, taken by mouth mostly via a dropper. Taking CBD by tincture oil is the next fastest way to get the CBD you need. The cannabinoids get into the bloodstream quickly because our tinctures are made with a MCT carrier oil. You can feel the effects as soon as 10-15 minutes. It also makes microdosing much easier to measure, due to the dropper measurements. The downside is, the quicker it starts working, you’ll feel the effects for a shorter amount of time.


Edibles are food items that have been infused with CBD, like gummies, dried fruit, coconut oil, etc. In this form, the CBD doesn’t break down (unless you’re using it to cook at certain high temperatures*) and gets used far along the digestion process, meaning there’s a chunk of the CBD you consumed to not even make it in your system. But, choosing an edible would mean that it is in your body for the longest amount of time, allowing you to feel the effects much longer than vaping. Taking edibles are also more discreet, making it easier to dose in a more public environment. 

FYI: Taking a slow-digesting CBD edible will take your body longer to digest it, meaning it is in your body for much longer, giving you the effects of CBD much longer.

There are also other things that factor into how you consume CBD:

Bioavailability refers to how well your body can absorb the CBD. This could explain why you aren’t feeling the effects of CBD and your friend is. Taking CBD via vaping or orally with tincture oil are the most bioavailable because they enter your bloodstream ASAP. Other methods, like edibles, are less bioavailable because they depend on your body to break them down.

Dosing can also give the same CBD different effects in your body. Higher doses of CBD are more likely to result in a calming, relaxed, even sleepy affect. Whereas taking smaller doses of CBD can cause you to be more attentive and awake.

The Best Way to Take CBD

Despite the information overload about ways to take CBD, the first step in figuring that out is knowing how your body needs it.

Are you in the middle of an anxiety episode? Use vape or tincture oil so you feel the effects right away.

Are you nervous about meeting someone or a big group of people? Take an edible so you can feel the effects of CBD no matter how long your event is.

Remember that CBD edibles can be super discreet, so no one even knows you’re dosing.

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