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How Can You Tell If Your Pet Is Stressed? 

CBD treats for cats

Pets and people aren’t all that different. Your cats and dogs, like their fur-parents, might be depressed or, more commonly, suffer from stress and worry. CBD treats for cats and dogs are a great way to help them relax. 

Stress and anxiety aren’t always negative. They’re important for keeping your pets safe and aware of their environment. However, there are instances when anything might cause your pet to become unduly nervous or anxious, and this can begin to affect their general health. 

We can assist you. There’s no better time than now to think about your pet’s well-being. There are many ways for relieving stress from your pets, like giving them CBD treatsbut first, know whether they are under stress or not. 

Learn how to determine whether your pet is worried, including how to recognize stress in cats and dogs, what causes animal anxiety, and how to make them feel better. 

CBD treats for cats

Stress Symptoms in Cats 

Despite their reputation for being cool and aloof, cats might suffer from worry and stress, which can have a negative influence on their health. 

However, the stereotype might be true at times. Cats, as a result of their hunting lineage, strive to hide signals of fear or weakness, as this would make them vulnerable in the wild. 

Even our lovely house cats that don’t do much other than lay about on the sofa have inherited that demeanor, so it might be tough to tell if your cat is experiencing these symptoms.  

Here are some stress-related physiological symptoms to look out for: 

  • A lot of hissing or meowing 
  • Shivering or shaking 
  • Changes in appetite or digestive problems 
  • Even from their most adoring people, they cower or hide 
  • Grooming or itching excessively 
  • Aggression that is out of control 
  • Accidents that occur due to a lack of a litter box 

Excess stress may be harmful to your cat. Therefore, it’s vital to seek to detect the indications of stress in your cat. Furthermore, some of these symptoms might be problematic in and of themselves. You can try giving CBD treats to relieve stress. 

Excessive grooming or licking, for example, might harm your cat’s skin by causing sore patches, which can lead to increased stress when they become unpleasant. 


Stress Symptoms in Dogs 

As much as we wish dogs could talk like the adorable characters in children’s moviesthey can’t. Therefore they can’t tell us if something is wrong. As their owner, you are responsible for looking for indications and signals that anything is wrong. 

Fortunately, we build a deep relationship with our dogs, which allows us to acquire a pretty good feel of what they’re communicating, or would be expressing, so we can tell if they’re acting like their regular selves based on their normal behavior. 

If your dog suddenly begins to act strange, it’s a definite indicator that something is wrong. The following are some of the most typical indicators of stress in dogs: 

  • Excessive barking 
  • Changes in attitude, such as cowering and hiding to being openly hostile towards humans or animals 
  • Increased or decreased appetite, changes in feces, or diarrhea are all symptoms of digestive issues 
  • Drooling or yawning in excess 
  • Physiological abnormalities, such as dilated pupils or pushed forward or back ears, are prevalent 
  • Itching or scratching that is excessive 

Every dog is unique. Some breeds have similar warning signs to look out for, but no one knows your dog better than you. It’s crucial to pay attention to your dog’s typical behaviors to see if they’ve changed and if these are indicators that they are stressed. 


Stress in Pets: What Causes It? 

While major life changes, such as moving to a new house or introducing a new fur baby (or person-baby) into the household, can be stressful, this isn’t always the case. Often, it’s something a lot more minor that sets off an anxiety attack. 

There is no single cause for a pet’s stress or anxiety. All animals, like people, are unique and can be disturbed by a variety of things. To assist your cat or dog cope with anxiety, start by asking yourself, “What’s different?” 

An unsettling or unhealthy habit can induce stress in cats and dogs. Pets require a lot of interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation, and if they don’t receive enough, anxiety can develop. 

Cats and dogs are creatures of habit, much like people. If that habit is disturbed, such as by a family vacation or special occasions like Christmas, your pet may feel agitated. Remember that they may not be aware of what is going on around them. 

Although we consider our four-legged companions to be family, we may be the source of worry for them; while they may not comprehend our holiday customs, they learn to read our behavior in their manner. 

You are the most important person to them as a human. If you’re upset or anxious, your pet may have picked up on it and been uncomfortable as a result. 

A momentary environmental element, such as fireworks and other loud events or large people, can also sometimes create stress. This is quite typical. When your pet exhibits recurrent indications of discomfort, or it becomes obvious that their worry isn’t going away, you have a problem. 


Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety is a typical source of discomfort in dogs and cats. It’s exactly what it sounds like: when you’re not around, your pet becomes stressed or nervous.  

Humans have bothersome work commitments and other things that force them to leave their pets at home occasionally, as much as we’d like to spend all day lying around with our kitties or playing with our pups. 


How to Deal with Stress in Your Pet 

Offer your pet the affection and attention he or she deserves while avoiding promoting bad behavior. Lack of training might make your pet stressed. Remember that they are creatures of habit. It is always a good idea to encourage learning, especially if you haveCBD treats for your pets. 

CBD treats for cats

Looking For CBD Treats For Cats? 

It’s fine if a cat or dog’s stress or anxiety is a little too much (especially for creatures with a traumatic history). If the condition persists, don’t let it harm your cat or dog’s health. Instead, consult your veterinarian.  

Finally, a decent healthy lifestyle with a consistent schedule will keep your pet happy. Both your dogs and cats should be exercised regularly to maintain a healthy weight and consume a healthy, natural diet. 

If you want to buy CBD treats for your cats (or dogs), turn toHappy Hemp. Try them out today! 

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