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Have You Heard? Pets Can Benefit from CBD!

Have You Heard? Pets Can Benefit from CBD!


We hear about CBD everywhere but don’t hear much about its benefits for our four-legged friends. And as we move toward healthier solutions in our own lives, many have found CBD to be effective at treating both dogs and cats for a variety of conditions with excellent results. Here are some ways CBD may be the healthier, gentler alternative for your furballs and something to consider, particularly as they age.



Benefits for Dogs and Cats

  • Stress and Anxiety – Stress affects our pets as much is it does us. Changes, separation, thunder, fireworks, travel are just a few of the reasons our critters get stressed. Some animals are hyperactive and never seem to calm down. But CBD can help. CBD has a calming effect on their nerves, automatically promoting relaxation and a normal emotional balance. It helps animals cope with stressful situations that may cause nervousness and helps them maintain a balanced and relaxed disposition.


  • Pain – Animals are notorious for hiding discomfort and pain. Naturally, we never want to see our animals in pain whether from injury, activity, aging, or a recent operation. CBD can help. CBD supports normal inflammatory responses in the body, helping with stiffness, soreness, healthy cellular activity, and muscle recovery.


  • Seizures and Epilepsy – Studies have shown using CBD oil to be very beneficial for seizures and epilepsy. CBD works by affecting the CB1 receptors in the brain to calm overactive neurons and improve seizure control. 


  • Mobility – We wish it wasn’t so, but sometimes as pets age, their mobility changes, and things like climbing the stairs and long walks are difficult for them. CBD supports healthy joints and flexibility. It can help relieve joint stiffness, provides connective tissue support, and supports good bone health.


  • Appetite and Nausea – CBD can be used as both an appetite stimulant and anti-nausea remedy. Studies have shown a reduction in the symptoms causing their lack of appetite, allowing them to eat.


  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Urinary Tract Problems – CBD can help pets with irritable bowel disease, gastritis, food allergies, and other stomach issues, in part because of its excellent anti-inflammatory properties.


  • CBD Might Help Fight Cancer – CBD has proven to be a great supplemental treatment for animals that are undergoing chemo and/or radiation. While CBD isn’t a cure for cancer, it may slow the growth of cancer cells while also working with other therapies and can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life.


  • Promotes Overall Good Health – We take supplements and vitamins to bolster our immune systems and our animals can benefit as well. CBD supports normal cardiovascular and neurological function, promotes long-term health, and helps maintain physical and mental well-being. Especially as our pets age, the added support and benefits CBD provides can make a big difference in their quality of life. 


A common mistake pet owners make is giving up too quickly. Stay with it. Your patience and diligence will be rewarded. Another tip – studies have found that the most effective way for pets to ingest CBD-infused oil is through their mouth for maximum absorption. Consider the natural, healthier alternative for your pets and give CBD a try.


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