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Common Causes of Inflammation

CBD oil is used topically to help reduce common causes inflammation and other skin conditions. It’s one of the safest and most effective ways to eliminate pain fast, which is why more people are turning to it for relief. Have you ever wondered what causes inflammation to occur in the first place? And how can CBD work to reduce it? 

Keep reading to learn all about what inflammation is, what causes it, and how CBD topicals can help reduce the pain and discomfort that comes with it. 

What is Inflammation? 

Inflammation occurs when your immune system works to defend your body from bacteria, viruses, or other harmful agents. In other words, it’s your body’s way of keeping out dangerous “intruders.” Your white blood cells get launched as a biological response to when your body detects these unknown pathogens. This results in swelling and a bit of soreness. 

Ultimately, inflammation is necessary to help the body heal and protect itself. Some people’s immune systems may mistake one of their own cells or tissues as a harmful intruder and release those inflammatory mechanisms. If this occurs when it’s not needed, it can cause problems. 


Acute vs. Chronic Inflammation 

A person may experience two kinds of inflammation:

  • Acute
  • Chronic

Acute inflammation is short-lived, while chronic inflammation is longer lasting. You’re likely more familiar with acute inflammation since it happens when you hit your knee on the table corner or get a splinter stuck in your finger. However, chronic inflammation can also occur because of unwanted substances in the body because the swelling will create a buildup of fatty plaque to block the foreign substance from moving anywhere else in the body. 


Causes of Acute Inflammation 

When you have acute inflammation, you might notice some pain, heat, redness, swelling, and difficulty moving the area. These effects usually subside within a few hours or days. Below are some of the common causes of acute inflammation: 

An Infection

If you have a wound that has gotten infected by bacteria, it can cause inflammation as your immune system tries to protect your body. Other infections, like the flu or pneumonia, can also cause inflammation because an unknown substance has entered your body. Therefore, people with the flu often experience swelling of the sinuses or near the eyes. 

An Injury

Scrapes or damage to the skin due to foreign objects (like a splinter) will send signals to your body that something is in there that’s not supposed to be, causing inflammation. Without this healing process, your injury could fester! 

An Allergen

Allergies are your body’s way of reacting to something it thinks is harmful, although it might not be for other people. Allergens like pollen can cause swelling in the lining of your nose and the protective tissue of your eyes. Insect venom from stings will cause pain and swelling at the sting site. 

Certain Food Ingredients

Some ingredients in food could trigger inflammation in your body and even lead to conditions like cancer and heart disease, especially if you eat them in abundance. Some things to limit or avoid include sugar, refined carbs, and saturated fats.  

Acute Inflammatory Diseases

Acute inflammatory diseases such as bronchitis, appendicitis, and neuritis (basically anything that ends in -itis!) can also cause some inflammation, hence their name. Keeping ice on the affected area can help minimize the swelling and reduce any pain you may be experiencing. 

Causes of Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can last for months or even years, which can become a concern if you don’t address it. When inflammation is too high and lasts for too long, your immune system constantly pumps out white blood cells and chemical messengers. They may even begin to attack healthy cells. Some of the common causes of chronic inflammation include the following: 

An Autoimmune Disorder

Certain conditions are linked to chronic inflammation, like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and asthma. These are known as autoimmune diseases, which occur when your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. 

Chronic Stress

Some research has shown a link between stress and inflammation. When you’re stressed, your body goes into the fight-or-flight response, which temporarily shuts down your immune system’s normal function. If you’re constantly in a state of stress, it could set up the inflammatory response as well. 


Obesity has also been known to be associated with chronic inflammation. Your body can remain in a state of inflammation if you’re overweight – plus, lack of exercise and poor diet doesn’t help either! Eating right and moving more can help you manage chronic inflammation by controlling your weight and improving sleep. 

Long-Term Exposure to Irritants

Generally, when a person is exposed to an irritant, it causes temporary inflammation. However, long-term exposure to an irritant can lead to chronic inflammation. This is because your immune system will constantly be sending out those protective mechanisms to keep the foreign substances out. If possible, stay away from those irritants that cause inflammation! 

Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking can lower the production of anti-inflammatory molecules your body produces. Nicotine can also activate certain neutrophils, which are a kind of white blood cell. They then release molecules that lead to increased inflammation. Smoking can also increase your risk of cancer, an autoimmune disorder known for causing chronic inflammation.  

How CBD Can Help with Inflammation

Many people have seen the benefits CBD can offer for many concerns, including inflammation. When it interacts with neurotransmitters, it can help reduce inflammation and chronic pain. 

How does it work? There’s a lot of science involved! CBD stops an eicosanoid enzyme called COX2, which is responsible for pain and inflammation. It can also affect cytokines, which is a class of molecules important to the inflammation process. CBD can help reduce those pro-inflammatory effects, which then reduces inflammation. 

CBD topicals can also help with other pain sensations.  

Can CBD Oil Be Used Topically for Your Inflammation?

If you’re experiencing pain and inflammation, we encourage you to try CBD topicals to help find the relief you need. Happy Hemp has the products you need to help you get through your day free of pain. Browse our selection of CBD oils and topicals and see which one works best for you. 

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