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How CBD Oil Helps with Body Image Anxiety

How CBD Oil Helps with Body Image Anxiety

While CBD still isn’t widely accepted because of the lack of public awareness, many studies are proving CBD to be a potential cure for a lot of diseases and disorders. Its impact on mental health especially, has gained tremendous worldwide attention. With its vast benefits in health, a lot of people have speculations on whether CBD and fitness would work hand in hand.

You might even be surprised with how much CBD and fitness can be linked together. Unfortunately, despite numerous studies, efforts to bring these discoveries to the general public are still lacking.

There’ss a stigma with marijuana that it can cause addiction and therefore lead one’s life to ruin. However, this has long been debunked. CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid. This means that it can only be harvested from cannabis (marijuana and hemp). This is where it gets its bad reputation.

What is CBD?

CBD should not be confused with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. CBD, on the other hand, does not lead to any feeling of “high.”

Studies have shown that CBD can offer a lot of health benefits, such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of depression and anxiety
  • Improved heart health
  • Can help reduce acne
  • Reduces cancer related symptoms

Those are not even all of it. CBD is also a powerful antioxidant. Some studies have found that CBD has more antioxidant quality than Vitamin C and Vitamin A.


How CBD Oil Helps with Anxiety

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, you’ll be glad to know that CBD can help alleviate these mental health disorders. Acting as a neuroprotector, CBD interacts with brain receptors to affect the neurotransmitter that greatly impacts your mental health, serotonin.

Too little or too much serotonin can cause you to either have depression or anxiety. Right now, more studies are being conducted to acquire even more understanding with how CBD affects neurotransmitters. What we currently know from research and studies is that CBD can alter serotonin signals.

This however doesn’t undermine the potential of CBD for treating anxiety and depression. In a 2011 study, people who received CBD reported a reduced level of anxiety. CBD has also been found to help people with social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


CBD Oil for Body Image Anxiety

Now that you know how beneficial CBD can be for one’s mental health, you’d probably want to know if CBD oil can help you with body image anxiety. CBD can help with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

If you often worry uncontrollably about how you look, you might have GAD. Regardless, CBD, as mentioned earlier, acts with a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Being able to alter serotonin production is how CBD can help reduce anxiety.

If you’re sick of always overthinking about how you look, CBD oil may help calm your mind.

Want to know more about CBD and fitness? You may be motivated to finally be more consistent with your exercise routine.

CBD and Fitness

While CBD oil may prove to help reduce stress and anxiety levels, it’s best to address what’s causing the anxiety. If you feel unhappy with your body, don’tt identify yourself with any negative adjectives like “skinny” or “fat” or whatever else it may be. Those are not who you truly are.

If anything, what you are is brave and amazing. You just have to believe it. Know that you have the power to change most things in your life. If you are unmotivated to exercise, here’s something you might be glad to know.

CBD can help guide you forward after you make the decision to exercise. As you can tend to be more encouraging of yourself when you are relaxed and not anxious, you may become more motivated to get active. Therefore, we find a strong link between CBD and fitness. After all, mental health and physical health impact each other significantly.

If you feel like your mind is always intoxicated with unhealthy thoughts about the perception of your body and you want to do something about it, it might be worthwhile to give CBD oil a try.

CBD Helps with Body Image Anxiety

Are You Ready to Try CBD and Fitness?

Fortunately, purchasing CBD oil has now become easier because of the availability of online shopping. If there are no stores in your city that sell CBD products such as CBD oil, you can look for it online. There are a lot of online stores dedicated to selling quality CBD oil–like us!

What we recommend is that you look for reputable online stores to ensure you get legitimate and quality products. Otherwise, you might end up getting a product that is far from satisfying or downright frustrating and disappointing.

If you wish to purchase CBD oil to help you with body image anxiety, we recommend you wander over to our product pages. They sell only high-quality CBD products and even have a good selection of CBD oils. Now that you know that CBD and fitness are a great match, try it out for yourself today.

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