CBD Mythbusting: Fact and Fiction about CBD

    As CBD becomes more and more popular, there’s also more and more chatter about it (especially because it’s not as widely understood as weed is). There’s rumors, there’s half truths, and then there’s the real truth about CBD and its many benefits. 

    Will CBD show up on a drug test? Is it safe to give my pets? Isn’t it just a lower dose of weed? We’re here to clear the air and get to the truth about CBD.

    What is CBD?

    First: what is it? CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound that is extracted from the plant (hemp or marijuana) and is then made into oil and all other forms CBD can come in. The most common form you’ll see CBD in is either tincture oil or the actual flower, which can be smoked. Cannabidiol comes directly from the marijuana plant, so the amount of THC in it can vary. The average is around 0.3% THC, which, in most cases, is trace amounts. Now that you’ve mastered the basics, what’s the truth behind all these CBD rumors?

    Myth #1: CBD gets you high

    While CBD comes from the marijuana plant, its effect on a person is definitely different than how weed affects them. Weed has a psychoactive property, THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol), that’s responsible for the “high” feeling you get when using weed. When cannabidiol is extracted to make CBD products, not enough of THC comes with it, so on average, taking CBD won’t get you high (or give you the munchies). 

    This also means that CBD usually doesn’t even show up on drug testing, so it’s a more convenient alternative to still get all the anxiety and chronic pain relief benefits you need.

    Myth #2: There’s only one way to use CBD

    Think the only way to take CBD is smoking it or using tincture oil? Think again! CBD can also come in the form of edibles like gummies, topical balms and lotions, salves, bath soaps and bombs, vape, hair products, pet treats, and you can even make CBD butter to use in recipes! 

    While some dosing methods cause you to feel the effects of CBD differently, there’s so many different ways to use CBD. You can also take our CBD quiz to see which CBD product best fits you and your needs.

    Myth #3: CBD doesn’t work

    CBD doesn’t get you high, so does it even work? It absolutely does! There’s two different factors that play into how you feel the effects of CBD: how you take CBD and what type you take.

    Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum

    So you know that CBD is extracted from the marijuana or hemp plant, but what you might not know is that there’s another level to this that could make a difference in the CBD you use. 

    When CBD is extracted from the plant, there’s more compounds similar to the cannabidiol that are present and sometimes extracted with it, such as terpenes, other cannabinoids and even essential oils. If you’re using a full spectrum CBD, your CBD was extracted with all of these other compounds. You might even feel the effects of this CBD differently because of extra compounds extracted and it’s likely that additional amounts of THC are extracted too (keep in mind if you are drug tested!). Broad Spectrum CBD also contains other compounds found in the hemp plant, but doesn’t contain THC. 

    CBD is still such a popular conversation in the weed community, so there’s bound to be more myths and understandings about CBD that may be completely false or partially false. Staying tuned in to reputable and scientific sources will help you sift through the fact and the fiction around it. Sign up for Happy Hemp emails to get the latest on CBD related topics, new products, and deals on our bundles!