Can CBD Help Strengthen Your Immune System?

    First a quick disclaimer: Your friends here at Happy Hemp aren’t doctors or physicians. We just love CBD and all its benefits and think you should know too! Everything here is meant to be purely informational and not medical advice or act as any replacement for what your doctor tells/prescribes you.

    Post-holiday season can be rough for many people. Spending time around lots of family, not being the most nutritious eater (no thanks to the Christmas cookies and work potlucks), less sunlight, being less active, being stressed and tired from work, and on top of all that–it’s flu season! All of these different factors can make you more susceptible to getting sick, but can taking CBD help protect you from it?

    CBD’s Superpowers

    CBD has many tricks up its sleeve when it comes to how it benefits you. Your body has this system called the endocannabinoid system, which is where the regulation magic of pain, appetite, immune system functions, and many more happen. When you introduce CBD into the mix, the compounds in it have a way of targeting that endocannabinoid system in your body, making everything work better to regulate that system. This is why people who use CBD often say how they feel relief for issues like chronic pain, insomnia, and symptoms of mental health issues.

    What’s going on in your immune system?

    Your immune system is essentially your body’s defense against things like bacteria, illness, viruses, and more that could be harmful to it. Things like white blood cells, antibodies, and even parts like your tonsils are all tools that essentially make up the defense system for your body.

    Where does CBD fit in?

    You remember that endocannabinoid system? One of the functions that system works on is regulating your immune system. When your endocannabinoid system is regulating your immune system, then things are working right! Your immune system is doing the best it can to heal you from microbial attacks and protect from future ones. So taking CBD has the potential to really impact your immune system and help it work better, especially when other things like stress, lack of Vitamin D, and not-so-nutritious eating are weakening it.

    Time to dose!

    Now let’s get some CBD in your system! The key to dosing, mostly if you’re a newbie, is starting low, feeling it out, and adjusting. For some, they take some at night to fall asleep and that’s all they need. For others, they take some in the morning for more mental clarity throughout the day. If you’re prone to anxiety, you could consider taking it before a situation that you think might make you anxious (like before a busy day at work). It’s also recommended to start with a lower milligram dosage of CBD, like 10-15mg, and then increasing as needed. CBD can affect people in different ways, so figuring out what combination works best for you is the most important step.

    CBD isn’t medicine. It isn’t a medical, fool-proof way to get better from being sick, but the benefits of CBD are definitely real. If you’re feeling like you could use a more holistic take on strengthening your immune system, consider trying some Happy Hemp gummies or some tincture oil to combat the winter-scaries.