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More people are choosing to cook and bake with CBD to get their desired dose discreetly and conveniently. In fact, you can find tons of CBD recipes online to get you started. Before you jump into baking or cooking with CBD oil, it is important that you learn all the basics so you can make a delicious CBD treat that provides you with all the health benefits you desire. Let’s get into it! 

How Can Baking with CBD be Beneficial? 

Baking with CBD can be fun while providing you with the positive benefits it’s known for. Most people enjoy CBD because they get some advantages, like help with inflammation, relief from pain, less anxiety, and some studies even support that CBD might be beneficial for brain health. 

Below are some of the other benefits of incorporating CBD into the kitchen when you cook or bake. 

  • Long-lasting effects 
  • Easy to do 
  • Relieves stress 
  • Doesn’t produce psychoactive effects 

Good CBD Recipes to Start with 

Cooking and baking with CBD is easy, and it can be incorporated with almost anything. It’s always best for newbies to start small and simple. If you’re a novice to adding CBD to your foods or drinks, we’ve listed some good things you can infuse the oil with as a start. 


Starting with beverages is a great way for you to notice the effects of CBD sooner. If you want to incorporate it in your smoothie, all you need to do is add a few drops in it to nourish your body and take advantage of the CBD effects. There’s also the option of adding a set amount to the mixture before you blend the smoothie, which might allow the CBD to blend better. 

Baked Goods 

If you want to bake with CBD for the first time, you should start with something you’re already familiar with, like cookies or brownies. You don’t want to cook or bake the CBD on direct heat, or you’ll risk losing its effectiveness. Some no-heat baked goods you could also try are protein bars or even whipped cream. 


Another beverage you can add some drops of CBD into is your morning cup of coffee. It’s similar to what you do with the smoothie. For a better mixture, you’re also free to add your choice and amount of CBD oil into your coffee filter so it can brew into your cup. 

Sauces and Dressings 

If you’re worried about overheating your baked or cooked goods, an easy way to get some CBD into your hot food is to add it to a sauce or dressing. Make sure to stir it well to mix it all in. After making your favorite dish, add the finishing touch on top and enjoy a relaxing and delicious meal. 

Things to Keep in Mind when Baking with CBD 

Baking and cooking with CBD is more of a science as it is an art. Those who are inexperienced often make simple mistakes that either make the CBD less effective or risk adding too much of a dosage in the food. If you’re going to be doing this for the first time, here are some things you should keep in mind. 

Bake at the Appropriate Temperature 

Heat will make CBD less effective by destroying the active compounds in it. When baking with CBD, be mindful of the temperature you set your oven to. Typically, you want to stay below 320° F. to avoid overheating. 

Pay Attention to Serving Size 

You’ll want to include enough CBD so that you get your desired dosage throughout the servings. You’re also able to get a precisely measured serving size when you bake with CBD. Soon you’ll learn how to calculate the exact amount necessary to get your desired effects. The best way to ensure every serving has the same or similar dose is to stir or mix it longer. 

Properly Store the Leftovers 

Improperly storing what’s left over of your CBD baked goods can have a terrible effect on their freshness and potency. Since CBD is sensitive to light and heat, you’ll want to store your leftover baked goods in a cool, dark place. A good practice is to use an airtight container and store it in your cupboard. 

Be Careful of What Else You Consume with it 

When CBD is mixed with other things, like alcohol or certain medications, it could have some undesired effects. You’ll want to be mindful of your intake to be on the safe side, and if you’re making CBD foods or beverages for a group, always let them know the dosage you put in.  

Let the Cannabis Go Through Decarboxylation 

Before making a CBD infusion, you want to take the time to let the cannabis plant go through decarboxylation (conversion of THCA to THC). This allows you to get the most of the plant by increasing potency and providing more medicinal benefits.  

Mix it with High-Fat Content 

CBD is fat-soluble, so your body absorbs it better when it’s paired with other foods containing fat. To get the most benefits out of your CBD baked goods, it’s a good practice to infuse your food with CBD and a fat-soluble carrier oil. Some choices many people use are MCT, coconut, and olive oil, which are commonly used for cooking. 

Final Thoughts 

Anything can be made with CBD! If it’s something you’re doing for the first time, it’s always in your best interest to start small to avoid adding too much to it. Sometimes getting the exact dosage can get tricky, but with practice, you’ll be a pro in no time. Starting with cold products or beverages can be a great way to dip your toes into the world of consuming CBD through edibles. 

When cooking or baking with CBD, there’s a way you should do it so it can keep the effectiveness you want to get from it. For starters, don’t overheat your food! You’ll also want to make sure what you’re mixing with the CBD has a high-fat content so it can absorb in your body better. 

Finally, be aware of any medication or other substances you’re taking that can cause unwanted effects. Make sure to store the goods in a cool, dark place so they can be just as effective the next day! 

Are You Looking for Some Yummy CBD Recipes? 

Are you ready to get started baking with CBD? It’s a fun and unique way to make eating more relaxing. Find your favorite recipe, get some quality CBD oil from Happy Hemp, and see what you come up with. Check out what we have to offer on our site for the first step to a CBD-infused treat! 

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