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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Using CBD Treats for Dogs

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Using CBD Treats for Dogs | Happy Hemp

CBD is a potent and safe ingredient that has many benefits for your dog. It has been known to help reduce anxiety, seizures, pain, improve skin conditions, and reduce inflammation. 

Dogs seem to be affected by CBD in different ways than humans and more research is currently being conducted on the subject. 

If you are considering buying CBD treats for dogs avoid these 7 common mistakes so you and your dog will have the best experience. 

1. Don’t Buy Products That Don’t List The Cannabinoids by Name

Take a look at the ingredients listed on the packaging. There are many different sources of CBD. Don’t buy products that contain hemp extract or hemp oil. You want to make sure you buy products that list the cannabinoids by name. 

The term hemp extract is often misleading. Products that do not list the actual cannabinoids make it difficult to determine the dose for your dog. 

 A product that says it contains 3 mg of hemp extract per ml may be accurate but it doesn’t let you know if the hemp contains cannabinoids the active ingredients in CBD. These products may be worthwhile but they will need further investigation. 

Look for products that list the cannabinoids on the packaging so you can confirm their potency and be able to give your dog the proper CBD dosage. 

2. Don’t Use Multiple Sources of CDB

There are so many different types of CBD products available for pets these days. It’s easy for doggie parents to mix products or try more than one product at the same time. 

For example, if you purchase different types of CBD treats or use treats and dog food that has CBD. 

While this sounds like a good idea it can be impossible for you to effectively determine the individual side effects of CBD of each product. Use one product at a time so that you can see its effects – good or bad – and decide whether you want to continue use. 

Consistency is key for evaluating the effects of CBD treats for dogs. 

3. Don’t Purchase a Product Before Talking to Your Vet

Ideally, you should be comfortable talking to your vet about all subjects related to your dog’s health. Don’t buy a CBD product before you talk to your dog’s veterinarian. 

Your vet can tell you about the benefits of CBD. They may also have an appropriate dosage in mind for your dog. There are many different concentrations of CBD products. A dog that weighs 6 pounds would need a different product or dosage than a dog that weighs 60 pounds. 

Your vet can help you choose a product and a dosage that works for your dog. He or she may also tell you to start with a small dose such as 1 mg of CBD per day and work your way up till you find the right amount. 

4. Don’t Buy a Product That Makes Too Many Claims

Treat CDB dog treats like any other medicinal product. If it makes too many exaggerated claims it is probably too good to be true. 

Avoid buying products that make outrageous claims about what they can do for your dog’s health. These are sneaky marketing ploys that mislead consumers and may not deliver any real effects at all. 

Currently, the FDA is coming down hard on CBD companies using these types of misleading medical claims, but this doesn’t apply to CBD products for pets. Soon these companies could find themselves in a great deal of legal trouble. 

Use your best judgment here and choose a product that is recommended by your vet or that your friends have tried with success. 

5. Don’t Overuse CBD Products

It is important to give your dog the right dosage of CBD. Sometimes, dog owners will end up giving their dog too much CBD because they think it will give them results faster. 

Doing this could cause more harm than good. Do not give your pet CBD oil and CBD treats at the same time. CBD works best when it is used as recommended. Using more isn’t going to make your pet any better faster. 

CBD is nontoxic but an overdose could leave them feeling lethargic. They can also build up a tolerance to CBD making is less effective in the future. 

Calculate the dosage based on your pet’s weight and size and stick to the appropriate amount. 

6. Don’t Forget to Check The Quality

CBD is still relatively new. It is a highly unregulated market with lots of newcomers entering the market daily. You must be vigilant about the quality of CBD you give to your pet. 

Steer clear of cheap or low-priced products that say they will deliver the moon for your dog. Most high-quality CBD products may seem to be a bit pricier but if you want the real deal often times you have to pay a bit more.

Fake products or products that contain synthetic CBD oil can be harmful to your pet’s health. Always read the label of the product before you buy it. It will have crucial information to help you make a decision on the quality of the product. 

Look for a certificate of analysis and the concentration of CBD in the product. 

7. Don’t Try it For a Week

Some pet owners will give CBD treats for dogs to their pets for a week and then stop because they didn’t see any results. While CBD does have many wonderful benefits, it’s not magic. It takes a little while for you to see the results. 

CBD gradually interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Like any new medicine, it can take a while for your pet to be completely adjusted. 

Some pets experience results in 5 to 8 days and other pets need a full month before they see benefits. Have patience and don’t give up too early. 

CBD Treats For Dogs Have Many Benefits

CBD treats for dogs have many positive health benefits associated with them. They are a safe, all-natural way to treat your pet and reduce symptoms. 

Happy Hemp sells CBD treats for dogs. Shop our line of CBD treats for your dog and while you’re at it, pick yourself up a treat too. 

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