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More pet owners are turning to CBD to help their dogs, cats, or other fur babies feel better physically and mentally. Since it’s gotten so popular over time, people can have many different varieties – take broad-spectrum vs. full-spectrum CBD, for example. 

If this is your first time hearing about this, you might have a ton of questions. Which kind should I give my pet? Which one is better for my pet? Is one safer than the other? We’re here to address all those questions and concerns! Keep reading for everything you should know about full- and broad-spectrum CBD. 

broad spectrum vs full spectrum cbd

What Are the Varieties of CBD? 

CBD can come in three different forms. Getting each strand is a result of how it was extracted from the hemp plant. Each variety can result in different effects. 

When purchasing CBD products, you will always see one of the following three spectrums listed on them: 

  • Full-spectrum 
  • Broad-spectrum 
  • CBD Isolate 

Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD 

Full-spectrum CBD contains all components from the cannabis plant it was sourced. This means a product with this label will have trace amounts of THC and other lesser-known cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and terpenes. Due to federal laws, full-spectrum CBD products should have no more than 0.3% of THC. 

If you’re giving a full-spectrum CBD product to your fir baby, here are some of the advantages: 

Enhanced Effect 

Full-spectrum CBD is widely effective because it has all the cannabis compounds working together for a full effect on the body. This is what’s known as the entourage effect. Using full-spectrum CBD for your pet can maximize the benefits, producing a better result than if they were taken individually. 

Covers a Wider Range of Conditions 

Full-spectrum CBD contains between 80 to 120 cannabinoids and organic compounds, which all bring their own anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving properties. This means using products with this label can likely cover a broader range of conditions in pets. 

Ideal for Larger Dogs 

Those with larger breed dogs with no secondary conditions might see more results when using full-spectrum CBD oil. This is because of the fast-acting and powerful properties, and larger breeds tend to have more pain in their joints. 

Good For Seizures 

Seizures are quite common in dogs, and full-spectrum CBD could help with that. Higher concentrations of the hemp-derived compounds found in full-spectrum CBD can provide antiseizure effects, so it’s an excellent solution for dogs with neurological problems such as seizures and epilepsy. 

Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD 

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all components from the plant except TCH. They’re ideal for pet owners who want their fur babies to get the positive benefits of CBD without exposing them to THC. Too much THC in your pet can cause them to feel dazed, disoriented, and can even be toxic if you aren’t careful. 

Has a Mild Taste 

Most animals are hesitant to try new things and don’t enjoy the strong, earthy taste of CBD. If you have an especially picky pet, they’ll likely enjoy broad-spectrum CBD products more due to the milder flavor. It’s also a great way for them to get CBD in a controlled dosage through tinctures instead of pre-made treats. 

Faster Absorption 

Broad-spectrum CBD has an absorption time of between five and twenty minutes, according to some studies. This can also vary depending on how you choose to give your pet the CBD (edibles, tinctures, etc.) Unfortunately, this also results in a shorter-lasting effect. 

Helps Improve Sleep 

The cannabinoids in broad-spectrum CBD can assist pets with their sleep if that’s an issue. They can calm the body while promoting a healthy stress response. Your pet may also feel more tranquil after taking a product labeled broad-spectrum. 

Helps with Chronic Pain 

Some of the potential health effects of broad-spectrum CBD are its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects. As a result, animals who suffer from chronic pain could benefit more from using broad-spectrum CBD products. 

What About CBD Isolate? 

The third form of CBD is its isolate state, which strips all the cannabinoids (including THC) out of the plant so it can be pure CBD. This kind is ideal for easier dosing, but it can prevent your pet from experiencing the potential benefits of the entourage effect. Since CBD isolate is the purest form, it’ll have a bitter taste. 

Is One Better Than the Other? 

No one spectrum of CBD is more superior to the other – they all can provide the relief your fur baby needs from pain or anxiety! However, each type can produce distinct effects due to the different amounts of cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. It also depends on what your dog likes and how their body can handle the CBD. You could also take into consideration the reason why you’re using CBD for your pet in the first place. 

Final Thoughts 

Like how humans can benefit from different forms of CBD, animals can also do the same. Finding the best spectrum of CBD for your pet depends on many factors. When finding the better kind, remember that it all depends on your pet why you’re using the CBD product for them! 

Full-spectrum CBD is generally thought to be the most beneficial because of the entourage effect it produces from all the cannabinoids pulled from the plant. It’s suitable for handling a wide variety of conditions in dogs, including seizures, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. 

Broad-spectrum CBD may produce the same benefits for your pet as full-spectrum, but the missing properties will decrease its effectiveness. It’s an ideal option for those hesitant about putting THC in their pets due to the potential negative side-effects of overconsumption. 

Finally, CBD isolate is what people choose when they only want the purest form of CBD. It has a bitter taste and doesn’t have the earthy flavor that broad- and full-spectrum CBD might have due to the other properties included in it.  

broad spectrum vs full spectrum cbd

Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum CBD: Which Would You Give Your Pet? 

Whether you decide to give your four-legged friend a full- or broad-spectrum CBD product, Happy Hemp has what you need to help your pet feel their very best. We’ll always respect you for going the extra mile for your fur baby, and we’re happy to be the ones to assist in doing so. Go ahead and browse our site today to find the best pet product. 


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