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Of the millions of Americans who use CBD, 64% use it for pain relief, 49% use it for anxiety, and 42% for insomnia.

CBD oil is becoming more and more mainstream. But did you know that you can also get it a CBD tincture?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about CBD oil tinctures. 

What Is CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture is a liquid form of cannabidiol. CBD comes in many forms – cigarettes, edible gummies or chocolates, and tinctures.

For people who are new to CBD, a tincture is a good place to start. 

A CBD oil tincture is made by steeping hemp flowers in grain alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin.  Then the mixture is cooked over low heat for several hours.

Once the liquid is ready, it is often combined with a tasty carrier oil such as mint or tangerine. By itself. the liquid is very bitter.

CBD tincture has a high CBD content and very low THC content (less than 0.3%). That means that you will not experience a high. 

Keep in mind that there is such a thing as cannabis tincture. This does include THC. So be sure to ask for CBD tincture.


How to Take a Tincture of CBD

CBD tinctures are potent. You will only need a small dose to get the desired effects.

Usually, tinctures come in a glass vial with an included dropper so that people can take a measured amount. 

There are a few ways that you can take it. 

You can mix in your dose into a meal such as pasta sauce, smoothies, and soup. It can also be mixed in with drinks such as tea or coffee.

If you will be using CBD tincture to help you fall asleep, you can put your dose into a cup of camomile tea at bedtime. 

You can also take the tincture under your tongue (this is called sublingually). If you choose to take the tincture in this method, be sure to allow the tincture to sit there for at least a minute.

Your body needs a minute to allow the tincture to absorb through your sublingual artery all the way up to your brain. 

Benefits of CBD Oil Tincture

As we mentioned, CBD tinctures are potent. When made with 60-70% alcohol, the tincture can help with pain and anxiety or problems sleeping.

The great thing about tinctures is that they absorb very quickly into the body. Within 10-15 minutes of taking a dose, you will feel the effects.

CBD tinctures also have a long shelf life. 

Another perk is that the dropper allows people to adjust the dosing easily. That way you can find the perfect dose for your needs. 

Get Started With a CBD Tincture 

Thanks for reading! We hope this article has answered all your questions about using a CBD tincture. Remember, CBD tinctures can be potent.

Be sure to start with a low dose and adjust it as needed for your body. 

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As CBD has become legal, it has grown in popularity as a supplement. No doubt, you’ve seen CBD oils and candies sold everywhere from health stores to gas stations.

You probably have a friend or a loved one who talks about the miracle properties of CBD or heard advertisements touting its ability to treat all sorts of ailments.

You now wonder: What does CBD feel like? Read on to learn more about how CBD feels.

What is CBD?

First, you may not know what CBD is. CBD is cannabidiol, the second most active ingredient in marijuana. The CBD sold in stores is from the hemp plant, a close relative of the cannabis plant.

The CBD sold in stores is less than 0.3% THC. This is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that gets you high. Studies show that CBD does not have addictive properties or have long-term negative health consequences.

This substance, touted by many for its supposed uses for pain management and anxiety relief, is legal in many states. 

How Does CBD Feel?

CBD feeling depends on the method of CBD consumption, as well as the type of CBD.

There are two main types of CBD. These are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD has a trace amount of THC in it, while broad-spectrum has none.

The THC in full-spectrum maintains the “entourage effect” where it is thought that all the chemicals contained in hemp produce more desirable results when working together.

Broad-spectrum CBD, without any THC, is best used by those who fear any amount of complications from THC in their system.

When people ask, “What is CBD like?”, they often want to know if CBD will intoxicate you or get you high.

The answer to that question is “no”. You will not get high consuming CBD products. Given the low THC content of CBD products, there is no chance of an intoxicating effect.

So, Why Use It?

There are many claims made about the effectiveness of CBD. However, the overall effect depends on the user. Each body is different and can react to CBD differently.

When people describe what CBD feels like, they often talk about an overall feeling of wellness and calm.

CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system. This system regulates your sleeping, appetite, and your neuroplasticity.

Some researchers believe that overall calm feeling some users experience is from CBD helping this system function. 

Using CBD Oil

CBD oil is used in many ways. Some prefer ingesting the tincture orally with a few drops under the tongue.

The CBD oil feeling, when taken this way, is the same as any other method of oral ingestion.

If you want to take CBD for inflammation and pain, but are skeptical of putting it in your body, topical CBD oil may be the best method for you.

What Does CBD Feel Like?

Most CBD users talk about an overall feeling of calm and wellness.

When discussing, “What does CBD feel like?”, it is important to note that thanks to its low THC content, CBD will not get you high or intoxicate you.

Given its lack of psychoactive properties and its lack of long-term negative side-effects, don’t fear CBD usage. It is possible to embrace it as a supplement to promote your health and well-being.

If you have any questions regarding our product line or want more information on what form CBD is right for you, please contact us. We are always happy to help!


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